Our Products
Rock, concrete mix, boulders and more!
Our Products
We offer a wide variety of aggregate material from Porterville Rock and Recycle while also offering a high quality asphalt mix for driveways and large roadways from Porterville Asphalt.
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    Class II Road Base
    3/4" maximum aggregate size, base mix used for establishing road ways. Also offered with a 1 1/2" rock.
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    Decomposed Granite
    Granite rock that over time has broken down. Compacts well and is great for driveways and grove roads. Our screened DG limits particle size to roughly 3/8" comes in red and grey color.
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    3/4" Rock
    Also called 1x4 is best utilized for driveways.
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    Washed Sand
    Excavated from the Tule river bed our washed sand is best used for concrete, arenas and playgrounds.
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    1 1/2" Rock
    Primarily used for septic systems and heavy drainage areas.
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    3/4" 60/40 Concrete Mix
    Our most popular concrete mix with a maximum aggregate of 3/4." Also offered with a 3/8" rock.
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    1/2" Rock
    Step up from 3/8" providing more structural integrity.
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    3/8" Rock
    Can be used for walk ways, driveways, concrete and decorative solutions.
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    3/8" Chip Rock
    Mostly utilized in asphalt and chip seal applications, does also proved a very neat appearance for non traffic areas. We also provide 1/4" chip.
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    Fill Dirt
    A sandy loam base/fill material.
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    Rip Rap
    Varies in size from 3" to multiple ton rock. Most common sizes are 2" - 6" and 6" - 12"
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    Rock Dust
    A washed product, used mainly in asphalt materials.
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    Plaster Sand
    A wash ed product used for mortar mixes and bedding sand. Plaster sand is produced on a as needed bases. Small orders are accepted.
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    1" Minus (Red and Black)
    An alternative product to traditional base rock. Best utilized for non spec application and road establishment.
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    Natural Stone (Cobble)
    Sourced from the Tule River, comes in a variety of sizes and colors. Call our sales representative for quantities and sizes.
Trucking is available on all products and in any quantity. 

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